Whale Shark Diving

Whale Shark Diving

It is breathtaking to whale sharks swim near!

Please do not worry because we can speak English. Description, etc., all done using the English.

Price 17,500円
※Equipment rental, guide fees, boarding fees, insurance premiums, consumption tax
Duration About 150 minutes
Time 7:45 / 12:30

ジンベイザメ 体験ダイビング

Flow of the course

You lecture by diving instructors, and equipment in order to set in after shop, accepted, changing clothes, and get to enjoy safely the whale shark diving experience.

A brief description of the whale shark diving experience

I will move by boat to the whale shark point from Toya fishing port.
(800m offshore, about 7-8 minutes)

Move to the point in a boat

I will practice breathing in water caught ladder or rope around the ship.

Breathing exercises

Instructor will guide you to the place of whale shark breathing has well-equipped.

Diving with whale sharks

The After the tour, enjoy a leisurely time in Okinawa deck terrace help you use the shower with hot water shower slowly back to the shop.

To those who are participating in this course

What you get offer customers

(It is recommended that it is come beforehand to wear swimsuits.) Swimsuit, bath towels, beach sandals

For entry criteria

  • (The Minors require consent of parents) participation Allowed anyone as long as 10 years of age or older
  • On the day, you will be asked to fill out a document about the health state for safety management.

※Please consult person. Beforehand that there there is that you have a disease of the ear, that it took to respiratory disease, was sick of the circulatory system such as heart disease, such as, there Note:.

About the meeting place

〒904-0417 Please set yourself up to Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture Onna Maeda 339 TAKEDIVE shop.
The shop is available free of charge toilet, shower, changing room, car park.